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Ways to Stay Focused While Studying

Those weird and pathetically ugly autotrophic organisms crawling over your brains, algebraic equations and logarithms erupting volcanoes in your mind, countless chapters on the World War bombarding bombs around you, and you? Having your nose to grindstone, trying to memorize at least one sentence, so that an hour later, you’re proud of yourself for having learned at least something. Isn’t it astonishing? It may gross you out to watch a daily soap that doesn’t interest you. But once that textbook is open, you won’t mind giving a watch to the idiot-box, would you? You may hate those kids who play baseball in the park nearby, but you won’t mind watching them by the door sill, even when you’re yet to finish off with two chapters. Why?

Why does everything else seem so interesting when you have to study? Why do you have to state punch-drunk excuses to get up from your desk, when your mom is right on your head ensuring you’re studying properly? To tell you the truth, it is extremely easy for teachers and parents to tell you to focus. However, the reality is, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen, no matter how hard you try. If similar things happen to you too, you aren’t alone. Let’s find out how to stay focused while studying, regardless of the chores you’re given, the people you’ve kept waiting, the phone calls you’re yet to answer, and your mind which refuses to concentrate. Hold on tight to each tip that follows below.

Switch Off Your Cell phone
Dreadful pointer, I know. Nothing’s worse for a teenager to stay without their cell phone even for a minute. However, if you can’t find yourself focused for a long time, you know that it’s the constant beeps in your cell phone that aren’t letting you learn that answer. Stop texting your friends saying ‘Dude, I can’t study’ or ‘how many chapters did you get done with’. If the reply says they’re done with quite a lot of chapters, you’ll get infuriated and troubled. Even if they aren’t through with a lot, you aren’t realizing but you’re wasting a good portion of your time sending texts. Remember, you don’t have enough time to kill, do you?

Soothing Music in the Background Helps
Bizarre as it may sound, while stuff such as TV, PC, or MP3 players are a big no-no while studying, research claims that listening to soothing music such as ballads or blues actually helps you stay focused. Try it. It might work for you. Create a playlist of some 50 soft ballads and blues, and put the playlist to play. One thing here worth mulling over is that, don’t spend hours and hours making that playlist. Just do with what all songs you have. Don’t keep on downloading new songs and waste time. You know, it’ll distract you from a hundred sounds outside at the least.

A New Timetable Every Day
How many timetables have you made/designed/drawn/followed? Hardly any. You see, the fault is, we plan our schedule for a month, and end up goofing up with it within just a couple of days. One of my personal techniques, tried and tested, is creating a new timetable every day. You don’t need to draw your schedule on a chart. Instead, just stare at the clock, and divide your hours. Suppose, 2 hours of continuous study require a 30-minute break thereafter. Chill, relax, watch TV, and then go back to study for another two hours. You don’t need to keep a check on your timetable as it does nothing but scare you even more. Just be true to yourself, and try not to get distracted in those two hours.

Try Different Places to Study
Your room, it’s a madhouse of stuff. You have a mirror, to keep you occupied for hours (here, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a guy). You have a great collection of hard rock albums, a handful of movie DVDs, and what not to divert your attention. How about studying in your living room? Or may be your parents’ bedroom? The idea is, looking for a place that doesn’t have much to focus upon is the best way of staying organized while studying. A lonely corner in your house is perfect in this case. Hey! Why don’t you go to your campus library, if things get worse? It has the perfect ambiance, silence, and a librarian standing on your head, every time! Now this will work for sure, trust me.

Studying. Now, how conveniently they abbreviated ‘Student-Dying’ as Studying. Well, drifting jokes apart, in the end, it all depends on how badly you want that A grade in your exams. You may try countless techniques and methods that tell you about staying focused while studying, but none of them will work unless you’re ready to work them out for yourself. Too much preaching? Erm…I thought so.

Ways to Find Great Student Accommodations in London

Finding the right home is the most basic right and expectation of any individual. This emotion becomes even more pronounced when you are visiting another country. Getting an inspiring home in an unfamiliar environment can make a huge difference in how you begin to settle down. For a young traveller who is looking to find a suitable student accommodation in London, it can change the way he or she feels about pursuing an education there and more than that, setting a clear goal for the future. By searching for, and finding the absolutely perfect home in this case can make for a great beginning.

Looking for the Perfect Home

A bright, cheerful and most of all clean and well-appointed living quarters can really welcoming, to its newest resident. The open market has a lot of clear alternatives many of which are located exactly where you want them to be. If college housing provided by the University is not something you are looking forward to, there are hundreds of superb possibilities with several advantages which will fit your needs admirably. In fact there are letting companies like Luxury Digs which deal in the kind of student accommodations you are looking for; luxurious, at close proximity to the desired institutions and offering a stress-free environment to live in as you study.

Rentals that Satisfy Every Necessity

According to the latest survey, the average cost of student accommodations in London has gone up in the last couple of years. Rising real estate costs and the demand for well-appointed and decent rentals have brought about much of this change. Therefore it becomes even more important to find satisfactory homes that fulfil all your needs, well in advance. Moreover if parents and overseas students are getting high quality and luxurious college housing at a slightly elevated price, it is better to choose something you really love than having to settle, and then suffer through problems later on. This way you will have a hassle free stay while your relatives and loved ones back home will be well-satisfied that you are happy and secure in your new accommodations.

A Neat and Clean Environment

London accommodation services like Luxury Digs that deal in niche market of luxury rentals understand that many parents are looking for exactly these kinds of hassle free temporary homes. That is the reason why you can pick and choose specific properties which have been pre-screened and kept aside as a ready alternative meant for accommodation for overseas students. What this means is that you can pick the best of the lot right from you where you live. Online chats, video viewing of chosen accommodations and negotiations; all of these can be done beforehand which makes the actual move even simpler and easier on everyone concerned.


How to Motivate Yourself to Study for Exams

Motivation is the propeller that will drive you to the path of success. Most of us dream of being successful in our lives. But very few of us take the necessary steps to reach our goal. For others, it’s a dream forever. You need to understand that, Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. ~ Arnold H. Glasow. For achieving success, it is important to stay motivated. When the urge to succeed comes from within you, it is a big powerful factor that would lead you to get what you want. To stay motivated and achieve a target, you first need to keep your mind sharp and positive. No one can ignore the importance of education, and it is very important to motivate yourself to study for your exams. Though we get help from our parents, teachers and other well wishers to score well and acquire academic knowledge, it is in our hands to implement the action, in order to achieve success.

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Remind Yourself about the Consequences of Not Scoring Well
You need to understand that your academic history is very important in each step of your life; right from your college admission to job. It you don’t score well, you may not get admission in a good college or get a job of your choice, and you may have to compromise with your career. Tell it to yourself that, It is my life and I need to work hard to achieve what I want. It is not only you who is going to suffer because of your poor performance, but also your parents. So, when you compare the consequences of not scoring well with the effort you need to put now, you will surely get motivated to open your textbooks and start studying.

Enjoy Studying
It is hard to digest this fact. Many of you think that, ‘enjoying studying’ is a paradoxical statement. No, it is not. Studying and learning things is never hard, if you enjoy and perceive the purpose in it. There are many subjects which you can learn for fun such as general science, physics, history etc. It’s still doubtful, whether to include maths among fun and interesting subjects. So, try to comprehend the merit in your subjects and learn them.

Associate Yourself with Good and Hardworking People
It is true that friends play a significant role in shaping your career. When you associate yourself with bad and irresponsible people who care the least about their education, it is likely that they may rub off on you. The positive waves from good and hardworking friends, will motivate you to study well.

Set a Rational Deadline to Meet the Required Targets
Once you set your finishing line, it will be easy to work on it. When you set a target, your direction towards studying will be controlled and organized. Intelligent accomplishment can be acquired only when your input (studying) is linked with your target. At the same time, don’t set a deadline that is much ahead of your capability. Before setting your target, consider the factors such as your ability, stamina, difficulty level of the subject you want to study and exam date. Don’t get too excited, and set a target such as completing your whole syllabus in one day. If you are capable of doing it, good, however, if you are not able to, it will demotivate you, instead of the other way round.

Utilize the Early Morning Hours

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it. ~Richard Whately

It has scientifically proven that our brains work at its best during the early morning hours. The freshness that you feel in the morning time, can be found nowhere in the rest of the day. During the morning, you can study some subject whichever you feel is complicated, because the grasping power of the brain will be more during this time. The point is, once you gain confidence in a difficult subject, you can easily go on with other subjects and excel without much effort.

Note: Don’t try doing this, resting on your down comforter or trying to study beside someone who is having a good sleep in the early morning, because undesirable psychological effects can overtake you.

Know that Time is a Precious Thing
It is an undeniable fact that time is a valuable thing. Study now because this is the right age and never let the clock tick away your life without any purpose, success or prosperity in it.

Organize Your Study Room
This is a psychological way of getting motivated to study and to avoid distractions while you study. Keep your study room clean and well-organized, so that you will feel like studying peacefully. Arrange your textbooks properly in your book shelves.


  • Procrastinate your course of study.
  • Keep your cell phones and other gadgets while you are studying. They consume all your time without your knowledge.
  • Get intimidated if your friends are running ahead of you.
  • Miss the lectures of good and efficient teachers.
  • Let anyone say that you cannot do it.

“Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer” ~ Proverbs 30:25. From where do these ants get their motivation? In what way we can say that, we have been created or evolved, that makes us inferior to them? Let’s put our thought on this. Understand the importance of education and hard work, and you will certainly find your way to success. I conclude this article with the words of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam (former President of India), who is a beloved teacher and scientist of India, ~ “… dream is not what you see in sleep, it is something that doesn’t let you sleep”.

Tips on Finding The Best Student Accommodation Investment

The student property investment market continues to outperform other commercial property investments in the U.K. The student numbers have continued to increase year on year with an additional 19,209 in 2013 according to UCAS application figures. The United Kingdom continues to attract students from overseas because, when compared with other European countries, it has the highest number of Universities within the top 400 ranked globally.

The market place has attracted a number of institutional investors; the Moor field Group developed a mixed use student housing in Exeter, called The Print works, which is comprised of studio and multi-bedroom / cluster apartments, and extensive communal facilities which have been completed and fully tenanted for 2013/2014 student year.

The Knightsbridge Student Housing Fund developed, Astor House, a 519-bedroom development of clusters and studios in Plymouth, which rent from 152 per week.

Although, the student property funds are active in the market, every day investors also can take part in this lucrative investment market.

One Touch Property Investment, who recently won “Best Student Housing Broker of the Year”(Nov 2013) at the prestigious Overseas Property Professionals awards ceremony, have helped hundreds of investors to purchase student accommodation investments.

Investment Director, Arran Kerkvliet said; “A lot of people prefer purchasing actual bricks and mortar rather than investing in a student property fund. It just makes more sense to them because they can own a studio or en-suite room (Pod) similar to the ones their sons and daughters would have stayed in at university.”

“Most of the investments are off-plan, whereby the purchaser contributes a certain portion towards the build cost -typically 27,000- during the construction phase and what they get in return is a fully managed, high yielding investment property”

One can find the best Student Accommodation Investments by considering the following factors:

  • Supply and demand
  • Return on investment
  • Rental Guarantee Period
  • Credibility of the developer
  • Ongoing Management Company

Supply and demand

Often the demand for student accommodation is related to the number of students attending the universities, which is often a function of the University ranking. Universities, such as Lough borough, rank in the top 15 for academics and recently won Sports University of the year for 2013. Students are drawn to the successful track record and rich sport heritage, some former student include Sir Clive Woodward, Lord Sebastian Coe and Paula Radcliffe. Loughborough Student pods can be purchased from as little as 39,150 with 8% Net Income for 3 years.

The price of student property investment in Middles borough is comparable at – 35,995-and you get more for your money. At that price you can purchase a twenty-four square meter premium studio with 9.5% returns secured over two years. So even though Teesside University ranks 97 in the complete university guide, there is still good demand with 28,000 students looking for accommodation and the university only provides 1

The other balancing factor is the supply side; the easiest way to access the relative supply versus demand is by reading student property guides prepared by commercial real estate consultancies as well as keeping abreast of local law changes -such as the Article 4 Direction- which has been adopted in places like Nottingham, Newcastle and Leicester. The Article 4 ruling restricts the conversion of single-family homes into student residences, thereby limiting supply.

Return on Investment

The bulk of the student property investment is purchased off-plan – up to a year to completion. Some of the developers offer interest paid on deposit… however, for the majority offer no return on investment during the construction process.

Completed student properties, like Lough borough student pods, offer immediate returns of 8% – which is attractive to some investors. Others prefer to go ahead with investments with longer guarantee periods.

There is a Leeds Student Accommodation Investment which comes with a five-year rental guarantee of between 8.1% – 8.3%. Compared with the typical bank savings rate of 2%, that is certainly very attractive to investors, who are prepared to wait for the January 2015 completion.

The Credibility of the Developer& Management Company

It is vitally important know who are working with, the outcomes could end up disastrous.

The company -Travelled International – sold an off-plan development called, both River House/Imperial Suites, to investors in September 2012 but no development appears to have taken place. Apparently, some investors have already exchanged contracts on the purchase of studios to be rented students and the site does not even having planning permission. See Salford planning portal (Application number 13/63801/FUL). In that sort of situation, investors would be out of pocket by as much as 50% of the purchase price (their deposit) with no returns on investment or protection – that would be very bad indeed.

Prudent investors can avoid the grief by using an award winning student property broker, like One Touch Property Investment, who will help to avoid damaging situations through the process of conducting background research on the developer; thereby helping to select trustworthy partners and reputable management companies to work with.

“We have helped over 200 investors acquire student property in the best locations by seeking out reliable partners to ensure that they can take their purchase decision with confidence and ease” says Arran Kerkvliet of One Touch.