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Exam Preparation Tips for You

For any individual pursuing studies in a specific field, the most dreaded time of the academic year is most certainly when the exams start. The entire years preparation comes down to a few decisive days and these days make or break the entire purpose of studying. Everyone has a different approach to preparing for their exams, and if you ask them, everyone will give you many preparation tips.

The secret behind acing an exam is very simple – start early and study regularly. Out of all the tips that you will hear, this one will be the most common and almost everyone will preach this tip to you. If you can begin your preparation for exams early, it will considerably ease the burden on your head and lessen a lot of stress that you may feel. The more you postpone your studying and preparation, the harder it will be for you.

Exam Preparation – A Few Tips

Some people have an inherent ability to remember what they study almost instantly. If you happen to be one of those people, you can probably read through your entire study material once and remember it accurately. But most others do not have this ability. But if you can make a structured study plan and then stick to it, you can ease your mind of a lot of worry and nervousness. Here are some simple preparation tips for exams that you can follow.

Gather the Material
Before you get started, it is imperative that you have all the possible study material at your disposal. It would be highly distracting and unsettling if you constantly find that you do not have all the study material with you while studying. Running in search of study material would break your rhythm and concentration and force you to take more breaks than necessary. All the other tips would be useless if you have not gathered all your study material first.

Use Mnemonics
Mnemonics are perfect tools for memorizing long and complicated formulas and definitions. They help you remember things that you may not be able to recall otherwise, and almost everyone uses mnemonics to some extent, to aid in their exam preparation. Mnemonics is a technique wherein you take the first letter of each significant word and make a word out of them that is very easy to recall. Very long formulas and definitions are ideally memorized this way.

Group Study
This tip works for some people, but not for others. Studying in a group helps if all the people involved are studying for the same examination. They can help each other out if any doubts crop up, and they can keep each other motivated as well. Studying alone often gives rise to anxiety and paranoia, and this is a condition that can easily be avoided by studying in a group. Ensure that it is not a very large group though, as too many people can just be a hindrance to problem solving.

Get Enough Sleep
Out of all the preparation tips for exams, this one is often overlooked. Many people feel that by studying long hours and by sacrificing sleep in favor of studying will benefit them greatly. Lack of sleep can cause a serious drop in concentration levels and can also build up great amount of anxiety as well. The trick here is to sleep in spurts for short periods of time. If you feel drowsy then you should not try to fight it. Instead, take it as a sign of fatigue from your body and take a small nap for some time.

Stick to Your Schedule
Before you get started with your preparation, you must make a proper schedule, or a timetable, and plan out your studies methodically. Set short term goals for yourself, and reward yourself as and when you keep achieving these goals. Also keep in mind that you must not set unrealistic goals for yourself. All the other preparation tips for exams take a back seat as far as this step is concerned. Decide beforehand how many hours you’ll study on a particular day, and stick to this plan no matter what happens.

Examinations are stressful events, but they do not have to be. With ideal preparation and timely training you can learn to make the most out of whatever time you have to prepare. Do not panic and have faith in yourself. Keeping a positive and healthy attitude can only benefit you. Take care of your body as well and do not ignore it. At the end of the day it’s all about preparation, and following these simple tips will help you greatly. Good luck!

Techniques for Concentrating for You

images-16There are other times when your thoughts are scattered, and your mind races from one thing to another. It’s for those times that you need to learn and practice concentration strategies. They involve (1) learning mental self regulation, and (2) arranging factors that you can immediately control.

Remember to take short breaks. Lectures are usually 50 minutes long, and that’s about the length of time most people can direct their attention to one task. But, that’s just an average. Your concentration time span might be less (20 – 35 minutes) or longer (perhaps 90 minutes). When you take a break, oxygenate (get more oxygen to your brain). Get up and walk around the room for a couple of minutes. When we sit for long periods, blood tends to pool in our lower body and legs (because of gravity). Our calves serve as pumps for our blood when we walk, getting blood flowing more evenly throughout the body. As a result, more oxygen is carried to the brain, and you are more alert.

  1. Jot down things that are on your mind before you study, then set this list to the side. Add to it anything that distracts you as you are studying. Take care of the list later.
  2. Study at the same time each day. A regular schedule can help you frame this as “study time”.
  3. Set a timer for an hour, don’t allow yourself to stop studying until it goes off.
  4. Take breaks. A three minute break for every 30 minutes of study is a good guideline. Take a longer break after 90 minutes.
  5. Set goals for your session that are realistic (number of problems to solve, pages to read, etc.) When you have met one of your study goals, reward yourself with a short break. Then, return to your study area.
  6. Study in an area away from distractions such as a library, study lounge, or an empty classroom.
  7. Make sure you have everything that you need before you begin.
  8. Make sure your environment is conducive to studying, no TV, no telephone, no roommate, no boyfriend/girlfriend.
  9. Make studying an active process; take notes and make review sheets. Intersperse different kinds of study into one session, e.g. reading, writing, taking notes, memorizing, etc.
  10. Identify how what you are studying is relevant to your life. Draw connections between things you already know.
  11. Insure that you are sleeping enough, eating well, and getting regular exercise. Your mind will be more alert, and you will be less likely to fall asleep or daydream.

Many students aid their concentration by changing the subject they are studying every one to two hours. We tend to pay more attention to something that’s different.

Tips on Finding a College Roommate With Similar Interests

download-12College life is an experience that is unforgettable for many people who attend college and live there as well. It is therefore important to find a college roommate that will help make your life in college as memorable as possible. It may be hard to find a roommate that you share similar interests with but it is possible if you use any of the methods listed below.

You can make a proposal to one of your friends from high school so that you can be college roommates. This will make things easier for you because you already know each other and it is likely that you have similar interests as well. The only downside to this would be if your friend picks up some interests in college that you are not comfortable with thus bringing conflict between the two of you.

In case you have no friends from high school that are joining the same college that you will be attending then you can use the orientation period to interact with as many students as possible. The orientation period will enable you to make friends who you can ask to be your roommate based on the level of interaction you have had with them and you feel you can live well with them.

Allowing the college to help you find a roommate based on your interests can also be an avenue you can use to find a roommate with similar interests. It is not one of the most popular ways but you can be one of the lucky few who end up with a roommate who is interested in the same things as you.

Lastly, you can also use the services of websites that help you find a roommate through social networks. These sites allow you to connect with other students who will be attending the same college as yourself and might be looking for college roommates as well. All you will have to do is sign up on the website through social networks like Facebook and you will be ushered into a new world where you can connect with students from all over the country. The site does not limit how many potential roommates that you can contact so you can talk to as many students as you can until you are able to find one with similar interests and is willing to be your roommate as well.

Choosing Best College Care Package And Gift Baskets For Students

When high school graduates step into college life, it heightens worries of parents as they are away from their sight just opposite to school. While the majority of kids shifts to hostel it’s quite possible they might not be getting proper diet as they once did enjoyed in school life. However if you have heard of college care packages then you are not much worried as compared to those who are new to this term.

It’s just like gift baskets with nutritious food for your young ones that provides them will all the calories they need in their intense growing phase. These baskets can also be sent with homemade food as well as sweets, beverages and bakery items. It makes the receiver feels really special and it’s an ideal way to stay in touch with your loved ones. Not only gift basket for college students save’s one in monthly pocket money but it protects students from eating harmful junk food and other unhealthy products. These baskets are really cool and good looking to send on special occasions with something different than routine package.

A number of companies offer gift basket for college students on commercial basis and they offer a variety of menus to suit best your kid taste. Besides normal packages, these firms also offer custom packages and it’s a great way to surprise the kids on weekends or at the end of the month. Well, if you are planning to start from today then there are some really cool packages for great food baskets.

Healthy package: Its a best college care package that provides with home like food products for discerning eaters who have developed their taste in home cooked food. These packages contain vital ingredients of wheat, rice, butter, granola, vegetables and much more to best meet your healthy eater needs.

Bakery package: As you got a bit of an idea from bakery term, it offers something special including cookies that no one denies to eat and offer a huge range of bakery items. For those who like tea, it’s a best compliment to double your joy and great source of healthy nutrition.

Nibblers & Snacks: Most kids complain they don’t have time to eat traditional food in their busy college life, so you don’t have to force them to eat but you can offer them ‘grab and go’ food packages, like Nibblers & Snacks. It combines with fast food for individuals with snacks and beverages.

Chocolate: Chocolates are known to make an ordinary occasion really special with their great taste and number of chocolate gift baskets for college students are available that contains multiple brands as well as homemade chocolate products.

Sweets: Sweet baskets are most common of all and you can see them everywhere in retail shops offering huge variety and different price range. It contains a mix of toffee, cookies, chocolate, candies, and much more.

You might think your kids are all grown up but they still your attention and college care packages help you in developing a bond of affection with your loved ones, no matter how far they live.